Here I Am...

Your grace is enough.

Oh, I look towards the heavens,
And realize my size

You’re sufficient for me.
My first love; 
Take me as a child, whisper in my ears
Teach me who you are.

Your words are enough,
the world will fall so short.
Your words are enough,
for the hearts of men can never hold.
Your words are enough,
El Shaddai, your words are enough.

A love I could never earn
Pulses through my veins;
You chose me,
You chose me.

An act of incomprehensible wonder, it must be;
The wickedness that dwells within my flesh
the hatred towards he who gave me life.
For it is written:
“None is righteous, no, not one…”
If they had not placed the nails, 
then the next would have returned.
And if they not, my very hands would have 
gripped the cross.
For my sin as if I were present, drove the nails;
and my sin as if I were among the crowds
chanted him towards Golgotha that day.
An act of incomprehensible love, it must be;
That by your grace I am saved,
that my new heart may desire you,
that I am changed-that I may seek you.

Oh Lord, I’m so overwhelmed-how merciful you are!
That you would still hold me in my filth,
Oh, how rank and repulsive are my thoughts,
in the ears of a holy King.
How torn and pale are the garments I come to you in;
But you call me yours…

I am so ungrateful!
So doubtful and so weak;
The limits of my mind cannot hold you,
I know nothing of you.

Give me strength,
hear and tend to my plea.
Place eyes within my keeping, not for the world,
but for you and your glory;
That I may be undone, and rid myself of illusion
Ruin me, break me,
that I may know who you are.
For you have touched my lips with live coal,
and atoned for my sins,
you have taken my place, Oh mighty redeemer.

Death is all I deserve
To which the angels would sing;
Worshipping you as the just creator 
Of the world on which you may show your wrath.
But you’ve shown mercy;
To those you have chosen,
You have shown your amazing grace.

You saw my filthy rags
and clothed me in your own,
You heard me moan in hunger
and set me among a feast as your own.
You touched my parched lips 
and filled my cup to overflowing 
You felt my body quaking,
and calmed me like a child.
You chose me.

Oh I could sing of your love forever!
Place a song within my mouth,
and music within my fingertips.
What grace,
What love,
What a marvelous light;
Oh Lord, I know nothing of you…
Show me your name,
That my face might glow with your glory.

Without you,
I’d have held my nets until the grave,
Now I desire to release them and follow,
With you, I can follow…

Here I am, you’ve chosen me,
That I might chose you.
Here I am;
Here I am.

 ©Sarah Robinson

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  1. Wow. This is stunningly beautiful and poignant. Thank you, Sarah.