My 'Future Filter' from years ago...

When I was seventeen I wrote out the ten characteristics my husband had to have...As I met different young men I committed to not even entertain thoughts of pursing marriage with them if they didn't have these ten traits (which wasn't always as easy as it sounds), my girlfriends and I joked and called it my 'future filter'! A few girls this past week have asked me if I could post this and I thought it was a great idea, so here they are :)

1. He Loves the Lord
2. He has a vision for his life
3. He is passionate
4. He respects me and all other women
5. He loves and wants children
6. He has a call to the ministry
7. He leads me, and will one day lead our family to the Lord
8. He is disciplined and respects authority
9. He cherishes the things that I love-my hobbies, my passions, and my dreams
10. He always places God in a priority above me as his wife, and our children.

Let me tell you, Ladies how awesome it is to read through this as a married woman, and see my husband...Praise the Lord!

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