Cardboard Boxes and Faith, Part 1

I'm a planner. I have cheklists, agendas, reminders, and multiple calenders that help me keep track of my day to day life. I'm a planner. Life, however, isn't always as considerate as a planner would like…and so begins this post.

New years eve we rang in 2012 with champagne and stamps; printing resumes, refining cover letters, stuffing and sealing document envelopes and preparing for the next chapter to come. Justin and I, as a couple, desire the Lord's leading so deeply and prayed consistantly for not only open doors, but closed doors as well. In the months following the "resume sendout" the subtle sound of clicking latches filled the air as we saw doors gently closing from each coast and began to see doors open where we currently are. After hours of discussion and prayer we decided, months ago, that we'd be staying in Fort worth. 

The last week of April rolls around and we're living within the usual 'tenative stability' that any student does. I was working full-time as a nanny for a family here in fort worth, and Justin was going to school full-time and counseling part-time with a promising lead outside of town for after graduation. We were two weeks away from Graduation, we had a plan, and we were content.

In the same week the promising job lead for Justin fell through, and the application for the apartment we were planning on moving into was denied. Days later due to a severely nonnegotialble moral issue, I had to very unnexpectedly quit my job. Because of the specific circumstances an additional two weeks was not an option as it would continue to keep me in, to say the least, an unfortunate situation. So suddenly we were left unemployed, three weeks away from our deadline to move out, and with no promising leads anywhere for either of us. As we rubbed our noses trying to dull the sting of a door slamming directly in our face, the worry was heavy and discouragement was even heavier.

To make an incredibly long and detailed story  short(er), God is so good. By His grace Justin and I were able to put our heads together and come up with a plan…we didn't know where we were going, but we knew we were going somewhere, and we know in order to be lead by the Lord, we had to start walking.

On Paul, Silas, and Timothy's journey in Acts they set out together to go preach the gospel of Jesus and were guided along as they went. A lot of the time when I remember this story I visualize a game of pong…A consistantly moving ball that is blocked and bounced in a different direction over and over again.  After being kept by the Spirit from preaching the gospel in Asia the three came up to Mysia and attmepted to go into Bithynia, but again the Holy Spirit denied them. So they passed by and went down to Troas when Paul received the Macedonian call which lead to the realization that God had called them to preach the gospel in Macedonia. There is such a valuble lesson to be learned here! These three didn't just sit, passionately twiddling their thumbs and waiting for a deep booming voice to tell them they were to go to Macedonia-they went! They began walking and seizing each opportunity and were not discouraged when the Lord's hand softly came down to turn them around-like a ball bouncing across the screen one way until guided another.  

Justin and I knew we needed to start walking in order for doors to close and to be 'bounced' in another direction…so we began packing, with no plan-only a stack of cardboard boxes, and Faith.

By God's sweet, sweet, provision a door has opened in Southwest Florida near where I grew up with a time constraint that will allow us a month between graduation and his first day there. The new plan is that Justin and I will be flying out to southern California on Monday May, 14th to visit family and friends and simply unwind for almost an entire month. After this we will come back to Fort worth to gather our things from a storage unit, load them into a moving truck, and head down to Southwest Florida.

We're so grateful for all of your prayers and want to assure our close friends that we haven't been keeping anyone in the dark-all these changes are as sudden to us as they are to you! They were not, however, sudden to God and we're praising the Lord every day for a Savior who is never surprised.


  1. Love it Sarah. So encouraging to see God's awesome faithfulness and work in your lives! And your faithfulness to Him as a couple is beautiful. So true. I'm a planner exactly as you are. But when it comes to God, there's only so much you can "plan", the rest is just faith and trust. "In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps" Prov. 16:9.

  2. Excited to see where God has opened a door. I know your parents have to be thrilled!

    1. I am not sure why I wasn't identified in the above comment but this is Carolyn Housewert!

  3. Have a great relaxing time, Sarah and Justin. and then on to your next adventure! Love, aunt Jane

  4. Yay!! Cant wait to have you close when I come down to see my momma! congrats once again on all the good in your !

  5. Thank you Everyone for all of your encouragement, you all bless me so much!

  6. How refreshing to run across this blog. Thank you so much for sharing!! God bless you in 2013!!!