Cardboard Boxes and Faith, Part 2

If you didn't read Part 1 of this blog, click here (otherwise this one may make very little sense). Unlike many of my blogs this one is a little more 'to the point' and a little less 'fluffy writing' so please forgive me if you feel like you've been called into a conference room to be debreifed!

I'm a planner. I have cheklists, agendas, reminders, and multiple calenders that help me keep track of my day to day life. I'm a planner. Life, however, isn't always as considerate as a planner would like…and so begins this post.

Déjà vu anyone? 

The only way I even know how to begin this blog is to thank you all for your fervent prayers over our little family and constant and uplifting support through all of the insanity the last couple of months!

So as you know (or now know since you've caught up with part one, right?), Our plans were taking us to Florida to pursue a lead in the Fort Myers area, since it was the most promising to date. As I'm sure you've guessed-plans have changed. Again. 

Timeline: 6 Months ago Justin and I stumbled upon a Christian boarding school in Longview, Texas called "Heartlight Ministries" and absolutely fell in love with their facilities. We sat drooling over our keyboards as we dug deeper and deeper into their website, their mission statement, their goals, and the overall approach of their ministry. A résumé  was out the next day, with high hopes of getting a callback.  Simply (and quickly) said, they absolutely loved Justin but had no room to hire another counselor onto their staff. So with frowny-faces we moved on and continued our search, trusting that the Lord had a job for us and that His faithfulness would not come up short.

Timeline: 3 Weeks ago I posted Part 1 of this blog (The 'We're moving to Florida' announcenent)

Timeline: 1.5 Weeks ago Heartlight emailed Justin personally with a job opening, and before we even had time to discuss and respond they called his cell to inform him (enthusiastically) that they'd love for him to come out for another interview. As you can imagine we were initially flooded with the "seriously…now…?" feeling. But as we learned more and more about the job, the benefits, the hours and the sallary, it slowly morphed from an untimely blessing into an absolute answer to prayer.

Timeline: Tuesday May 29th Justin was flown out to Longview, Texas to visit Heartlight Ministries again and have an interview early Wednesday Morning.

Timeline: Wednesday May, 30th Justin was offered a Full-time counseling position with Heartlight Ministries. He'll be on sallary-from his first day-we'll receive medical, vision, and dental insurance, He'll have a 401k so we can begin putting away for our retirement, as well as additional perks that come along with this position.

Justin and I sat down to decide (prior to his second interview) whether or not we wanted this job-that way he could either chose to simply forfeit the second interview, or accept on the spot if they were to offer it to him. Objectively there was no question, the job in Florida was only part-time (and only after 6 months of interning) and had no benefits-but of course we'd be close to family. It was an incredibly emotional decision, speficically for me, but after a lot of prayer, pros/cons lists, and discussion, we landed upon the decision that this job would be the absolute best choice for us. 

To say the least (as I'm trying to get this out to you all ASAP since Florida is 3 hours ahead of us right now) we are absolutely ecstatic and so incredibly grateful for the Lord's provision. We're reminded again the value of Faith and trusting that God's timing and will are not always that of our own, but are so beautifully placed regardless of our own agendas. 

I'm planning on writing another post (part 3) taking you on a bit more indepth trip through our spiritual journey in all of this and share with you the things the Lord has graciously taught me in this whole ordeal! Thank you so much for being patient! (and thank you in advance for ignorning the undoubltably overwhelming amount of gramatical and spelling errors in this blog, as I'm getting this out just moments before dinner and not even stopping to proof!!)

Here is the link to the website for Heartlight Ministries, hopefully you can take a moment to visit and be as blessed by it as we have been: Heartlight Ministries

Will be back with part 3 soon!

~The Robinsons