Decorative Otterbox Case

So I'm standing at my local electronics store in the phone case aisle and I find myself conflicted. With the OtterBox in one hand, and an adorable but flimsy little plastic thing in the other I'm debating over form or function, decorative or durable...and I decided I wanted both, heres how!

I chose an OtterBox Commuter case-This will stand your average wear and tear (drops, etc.) but doesn't have the defense of your defender series. So, do keep that in mind!

I decided I wanted a white base, and not being able to find one I used a simple coat of primer

Using a stencil and a craft knife I cut out zig-zags and placed them over the phone with the goal of making chevron stripes-stick and pull up the tape from a piece of fabric to dull down the adhesive just a bit

Carefully position them over the phone exactly as you want the pattern to show on your finished phone case, make sure to curl over onto the edges!

I decided to go with a sunflower yellow and then I just spray painted the case! Afterwords I used a light grey and hand painted around the logo preview space. Carefully remove your tape decals and, ta da!

Last thing you should do is spray a clear enamel over the outside to finish it off. This will not only give it a nice shine, but will seal it with a hard plastic-like coating. Give it a good 24-48 hours to try and then, Enjoy!!