Pallet DVD Display

<< squeaky wheel sounds approaching, the sound of feet shuffling, grunt, plop...>>

That was me. Jumping on the pallet wagon.

For my first pallet project I made a Wall-haning DVD display for our living room, and love how it turned out!

Look how beauty-full!!!

Okay so wouldn't you know, with ALL of the outrageous ways to join the pallet parade, a DVD shelf-until now-was not yet one of them. I looked EVERYWHERE for a DIY or 'how to' and they're all just normal shelves-granted you could stack your DVD's into them front facing, but that's not at all what I had in mind. So, I got to work with really no clue of what I was doing...

The space I wanted this was a tall and skinny wall-space so I chose to cut the pallet in half (though you could do this with a full pallet and store twice as many DVD's). I did this by hand, because all I have is a little hand saw...let me just recommend, if you have the means of getting your hands on an electric cutter of some type-do it. 

This is what my discard pile looked like-I was not expecting that the wood would be so fragile and would split so much while I was removing the nails and cutting the pallet-I definitely got a worn pallet (for the look) and this could have something to do with it-just keep that in mind as you go into the project!

Now turn from the wood pile and lookie here-this is what I was left with-an eternity later!

Now I went and measured the height of a dvd and moved the wood slats accordingly-again this was a delicate process because I didn't want these pieces of wood to split since they were a part of the final piece. On this standard pallet there's enough room for 3 shelves with about a 4 inch discrepancy-I actually ended up liking this because it adds some off-beat character to the shelf and is perfect for sticking decorative leaves in (see top pic)!

Hang your pallet on the wall using the slats on the backside of the pallet and do this with EXTREME care...those suckers are heavy...Use a stud-finder to locate a stud and to anchor the bulk of your weight to AND use wall anchors in the surrounding areas where you drill into drywall.

So, what do you think!? This is one of my favorite little pieces in our living room. It adds to the organic feel our house carries and really feels like a piece of practical art to me-which is what I'm all about!

The best part, was that this all cost me nothing! Nothing!! I'm all about free and functional decor, how about you?

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