Turning Kitchen Things Into Other Things, Pt. 1 Table Top Drapes

Okay everyone, this is so crazy simple and it's going to make your day-I promise!

Last week I was looking over the window panels at Target for the 100th time in four minutes and just was not finding something I was crazy about for two reasons...

1. I simply didn't see the design and color that hit the spot
2. Each panel was $26.99 a piece 

Suddenly it hit me.

Ever noticed that the length of an oblong table cloth is 84" and that the length of a designer window panel is also 84"?

And that's where we start!

I was able to add drapes into our bedroom for a FRACTION of the cost (under half, to be specific) using table cloths instead of panels :)

I grabbed two sets of table cloths so I could have two hearty panels on each side-If you don't need as much volume you could split your bill in half again by splitting a table cloth in half, hemming the edge, and using it as 2 panels. 

I also grabbed a set of matching Napkins (Pack of Four) because I knew I'd do something with them! 

Now, in order for this to work you're going to need to either fold the top over a few inches and hem to create a pocket for your curtain rod, or grab some of these clip-ring curtain hangers. Personally, I love these because you can use them to turn anything into a curtain, no sewing needed! Keep in mind when you're hanging your curtain rod that these types of rings will add almost 2 inches to the length of your curtain (as hemming will decrease the length as well).

As an added bonus, I used the little button and wrap that the napkins came in and slid it around a large wine bottle, threw in some pebbles, stole some flowers from another part of the house, and bam! Matching accent piece!


Now, really quickly, let me show you this... The solid outline is our actual window-we live in a little apartment with teeny tiny windows and I wanted to really give the illusion that these windows were decent! By placing the rod outside and above the window it fools you into thinking the space is taller, wider, bigger, and brighter letting in far more light than if you were to secure the rod within the threshold of the windowsill itself~

And here it is! Using a double drape rod I created a layering effect, and though it's hard to tell the curtains are more of a beige than the walls are which add a nice level before the pop of yellow.

Total cost of "Table Top" Drapes: $27.53


  1. This is such a great idea! Did you get your curtain rod and the clip/rings at Target too? Also, did you use a plain white tablecloth for the liners? Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  2. Yes! The clip rings are in the aisle with the curtain rods (to the right of the tension and single rods should be a decent selection of double drape rods). As far as the beige layers behind those are plain table cloths that I had already on hand, but yes they are table cloths!!

  3. This is pure genius! Thank you for sharing this fantastic idea!

  4. How awesome is that. I want to put curtains in our bedroom. We have wooden blinds without curtains. The curtains will help keep out the cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Thank you!

  5. Omg! I was so trying to find an alternative to getting curtains for a bedroom in a bedroom, someone told me to try shower curtains (not the liners), but that didn't sound right, and now here is the perfect idea! Thank you so much for this idea. Greetings from the Bahamas!