DIY Polaroid Coasters

Super Easy. 
Super Cute.
and Super Cheap.

First thing you'll do is get however many tiles you'd like coasters. I chose 8 at 67¢ a piece at Lowes, you just can't beat that!

Next thing you're going to do is print out pictures for your tiles-I chose to print out the white too, so that I could at polaroid like details and textures, but you could certainly print out just the picture, center it on the tile, move up (for the classic polaroid base), and then proceed to the next step.

Should you print out the white like I did, use a sharpie to write your captions-this helps give it that fun casual Polaroid feel :)

Next your going to brush mod podge onto your tile, place your image, and hen brush the mod podge over. 

Let it dry completely, and repeat twice so that you have a total of three coats.

For those who didn't print out the white-write your captions after the first coat dries, and then proceed as usual.

Next, and this step is very important, you're going to coat your coasters with 2 layers of Acrylic coating-This will provide the water tight seal you'll need!

Next thing you'll do using a roll of self-adhearing cork, cut to size, and stick!

And there you have it! Use family pictures, pictures of your favorite places, your favorite Instagram shots...the possibilities are endless!