Turning Kitchen Things Into Other Things, Pt. 2 Kitchen Linen Cushion Covers

Kitchen linen cushion covers
(Say that 5 times fast..)

If you followed my blog just after I began posting my DIY projects, this probably looks familiar-I found this old vanity stool but it was in terrible shape and I showed you how to revamp such items Here a few years ago. With a new look in the bedroom though, the green covering I put on just didn't match anymore.

Recently I purchased 2 table cloths for using as drapes in the bedroom (Tutorial shown Here) and decided to grab a set of the matching napkins while I was at it, certain I'd use them! 

First thing I did was remove the temporary covering I put on there a while back, revealing that awful blue velvet you saw in the original tutorial!

Now we're going to proceed in the same way, but this time we're using a NAPKIN that perfectly matches the table cloths hanging for your windows :)

Start by pulling the edges over and attach to the bottom of the seat using a staple gun.

And then again, always doing opposite sides in sets to ensure that the napkin is being equally spread and evenly pulled over the seat.

After you've got all four sides done, pull the corners that are sticking out as far into the middle as you can, again doing the opposite sides in sets. 

This is what you'll have when you're done! Run your staple gun around and fasten any lose folds, pulling it taut as you go along. 
I chose not to, but this is when you could take a circular piece of wood, or even fabric and lay over all of that messy stapling to give it a more finished look.

Flip that bad boy over and hopefully as a result of the opposite-side-stapling, you'll have a nice smooth and tightly fastened upholster job!

Once finished, reattach the seat to the body of your chair and tada, you're all done! 
I've had so many of my friends comment on how they loved that my vanity seat matches my curtains, and then proceed to ask where I bought the drapes and had the cushion done-When I tell them it's all kitchen linens and I spent less than $30 on all of it (and still have 3 napkins left to use!) they're blown away!

Use these napkins to double up and create matching throw pillows for your bed, upholster small furniture (larger pieces could be done with another table cloth!!), or even frame for colorful pieces of matching art :)


Spring Cleaning!

Alright folks, it's that time again...Let's open up the house, turn on your favorite audio book, grab the rubber gloves and get to work!

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Happy Cleaning!