Capture Your Grief, Day 15: Wave of Light

October 15, 2015 | Home | Longview, Texas

Day 15: Wave of Light

Today is a worldwide event where at 7pm, no matter what your time zone is, you light a candle in remembrance of your angels. If you keep it burning for at least an hour there will be a continual wave of light across the world all day long in honor of the little ones lost. Tonight I lit three candles, and though not any one is more important than the other, one of these candles burns a little sharper in my heart as it is the due date of my second pregnancy today. I have few words for sharing this evening other than to reiterate that God has been so gracious in this process. Even as my day began with tears and a fog that weighed down my heart, it has ended with my amazement of God's provision in so many areas of our lives. This evening as a wave of light continues to trickle its way around the world I am reminded of how precious this gift of life is and can feel hope within me that I may carry it again someday. Tonight my prayers are overwhelmed by the thoughts of all the participating families, the aching hearts, and the flames that dance in remembrance of the little feet that were never able to. We miss you little ones.

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