Capture Your Grief, Day 9: Family

October 9, 2014 | 1st Celebration of Savannah's Birth

Day 9: Family

Today is a special day in my family. On this day my beautiful niece came and left this world two years ago...It's so hard to even believe it's been that long since I've seen her face, since my brother and sister in law held her, and since we all stood around in a hospital room singing happy birthday to the little bundle in a blanket. Even as short as her little life was, in her 40 weeks 2 days 9 hours and 50 minutes she made an impact that some don't make in a lifetime.  This little girl taught us how to love, how to hope, how to cherish, and how to trust. She taught her parents what it means to be a mommy and daddy and what it looks like to choose life for their littles no matter what the circumstances are. Today my wish is to take a furlough from my grief journey, and shift your attention to that of these parents...people I am privileged and grateful to call my family. Josh and Rebecca you have taught us so much about what it means to trust God completely amidst sorrow, to hope in Him and not what he gives us in this life but what he promises for the next. You have showed us that grief looks different on everyone and that it's okay to not feel okay. My heart is heavy today as I remember Savannah's feet and elbows pressing against my hands as she rolled and tumbled inside of you, Rebecca. But more so, my heart rejoices for what she did to change the face of our family. Your little girl made me an aunt! She made Samuel a little brother, and she made our brothers and my husband uncles. She made the world think twice about this life and she made a 4lb 14oz dent in the universe that will never fill or fade. She made us learn to take in every sunset, to celebrate Christmas in August and to smile whenever we sip grape juice.  Above all...She made you parents, she made us all better...she made a difference.

Savannah Joy. I know on your side of eternity time stands still, but here on this side we think of you constantly and long for the day we get to see you again. We love you, we miss you...Happy birthday baby girl.


  1. Absolutely beautifully written Sarah. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family x