Capture Your Grief, Day 31: Sunset

July 25, 2015 | Road Trip | Unknown, Texas

Day 31: Sunset

I began this project with a sunrise, remembering that scripture promises new mercies every day, joy with each morning, and a promise of a new beginning every day. Throughout the 'day' of this project I have followed a regiment of what I've taken to calling 'guided vulnerability' and have experienced community and healing from it; and as the sun sets on this 'day', this month, I am reminded of the verse by the psalmist that proclaims "From the rising of the sun to its setting The name of the LORD is to be praised." (Psalm 113:3).
Just as the sun promises to rise and set day in and day out, we can know that it will do so in life as well, bookending the seasons in between...whether they last days, months, years, or lifetimes. As these 31 days come to a close I am reminded that this month has represented a road we've walked and will continue to walk for as long as the Lord wills, and that this day too will see a sunset; but that furthermore this road is one that should be full of praise. Sometimes that looks different than others, but praise - be it through laughter and bursting joy or through tears and overwhelming sorrow - is still praise, meant for his glory. We don't know how, we don't know when, but we know that scripture promises our grief will turn to joy and that in this pain something beautiful will be created (Isaiah 66:9). That doesn't always mean we will get what it is that we seek, it doesn't mean one day everything will right itself in our eyes...what it does mean is that God will continue to be faithful in healing our hearts, in giving us others to love and to serve if ever we are unable to become parents, in teaching us that He alone is enough. I truly believe fully that we will raise children, and I also have a specific peace in my heart that I will carry at least once...God is bigger than the hurdles we've faced, he is bigger than my unbelief on the days I am weary and unable to look forward, he is bigger than the circumstances we may find ourselves in. He is bigger. He is able. But even if not...Even if I look up in the night sky and my sunset looks different than I want, even if my journey travels uncomfortably far from where I'd planned, even if the sweet lips that call me mamma come later than I'd ever want, or never come at all...He is still good, he is to be Glorified.  In the sunrises and sunsets of this life it is he who we praise; and in the darkness that falls over our world in the hours between, it is from him we find our comfort. 


  1. I stumbled upon your site via pinterest last night while looking for cleaner recipes. Our family has recently experienced a loss. A loss so unexpected and tragic. We are full of pain and are in deep mourning. I opened my laptop this morning to find the message above, just exactly the message that I needed to find. Isn't it awesome that we serve such an awesome God? He put you....a total stranger in my path this morning and the awesome message that you've shared and the perfect scriptures to help get through yet another day. I thank you for sharing. You've blessed me today and I pray that you will find peace and comfort in your day as well.

    Sister in Christ

  2. Josie, This made me cry...I'm so very sorry for the loss you and your family are going through and am so grateful for a sovereign God who manages to use my fumbling words to help someone as someone had once helped me. I have a tag on 'infertility and loss' with a few more posts on the subject, along with the grief series this was a part of that may be of some comfort to you in validating your journey. Praying for you, sister!