For the Love of Tuesdays

Towards the end of last year I read a book called Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman that’s all about finding meaning in our day to day - not just the events that are accompanied by fireworks and chapter headings. She uses the example of a Tuesday and how in a world where we ‘work for the weekend’ in so many senses, we forget about the Tuesdays in our lives; only dreading the Mondays and yearning for the Saturdays of this world. This truly hit home for me after I’d just finished a Bible study called Chase by Jennie Allen that had me wrestling over what it is that I was running after and why…

I find in my own life it’s natural for me to cry out to God in seasons of great loss and sorrow; seeking in Him for guidance and comfort knowing that He is the Almighty Healer. By contrast I also find it instinctive to praise Him for His goodness and favor in certain areas of my life when His provision seems evident (though, if I’m being honest, my pride ensures that this comes less easily than the former). I’ve really been challenged the last few months with focusing in on the middle of that swing – the every day, the mundane, the marbles in the middle of a Newton’s cradle that sit still while the highs and lows fly back and forth around them.

The deadlines, the commutes, the laundry, the doctor visits, and mealtime. The projects, the dishes in the sink, and the garage that needs organizing… If we could truly learn how to glorify God in these things, how different might our lives be?

I’ve been wanting to update my blog name for about a year or so now, but was never really able to come up with something that felt right. I wanted it to be more general – as this blog is full of writing, tutorials, recipes, and many other things I hesitated to put into a box – but I also wanted it to mean something. To somehow say something about my desire for the space.

The metaphorical ‘Tuesdays’ are the beautiful pieces of life I fear we (*I*) rush so insistently through and don’t stop for a moment to consider what God could be teaching me within them. On this Tuesday my prayers is that this new blog name will serve as a reminder to me, and possibly to you, to be mindful of our Tuesdays. The small brush strokes that together make up the brilliant works of Van Gogh. Each piece of a puzzle that helps create a stunning display. The individual droplets of water that alone feel insignificant but one by one make up an ocean – life is so full of small extraordinarily ordinary things, and I'm starting to learn that it's really not such a bad thing.

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