No awkward silence necessary: How to talk to friends battling loss and infertility.

Over the last year and a half I've read a lot of posts that are titled somewhere in the realm of "Things not to say to someone after a miscarriage" "...someone with infertility", etc. I've often wanted to find one to repost or to share in the hopes that friends and family would read it and be able to experience a different perspective; but the one thing that struck me was how so often the first hand accounts that I'd find were so unbelievably bitter and discouraging to read. I found myself constantly wondering "what do people think they could possibly say after reading this?" 


When Windows Talk

Writers block is the understatement of the year for me. For those of you who followed my grief series in October you’ll remember I noted over and over how much of a blessing the ‘guided vulnerability’ was for me – it held my hand and pointed out specific areas I could elaborate on and made this massive typhoon of feelings manageable – bucket by bucket.

I’ve continually been overwhelmed by a need to write…a need to throw the curtains open and let light into the dim rooms of my world. But there are so many rooms and there are so many windows, and some days they feel too far from where I sit to journey to on my own.  Some moments I'm overwhelmed with ore than I know how to deal with, while other times I do everything I can to pretend like the rooms and windows don't even exist at all.