About Me

Graphic Designer, shutterbug, nerd, wife to a wonderful man and mamma to three angel babies, a boxer pup, and nine potted plants. 

If we were to meet up for a cup of coffee chances are you'd see me through the glass windows scurrying towards the door while I threw my perpetually oversized handbag over my shoulder and shoved my iPhone into my back pocket. I'll be two minutes late. Always. Regardless of how early I leave, or how efficiently I've planed my morning, unless I'm on my way to a job interview, or a movie, I'm always (always) two minutes late.

I'm new to blogging, and so far loving being able to share my little projects, fun recipes, humble thoughts, and life lessons with an audience that, beyond my wildest realm of understanding, is actually interested in listening. My other interests and hobbies include the arts-fine, studio, unconventional, and everything in between. Technology, and specifically the intersection between this and the preceding, photography, graphic design, cooking, watching documentaries with my hubby, and of course my morning cup of tea while watching the news and seeing the sun come up over rooftops in my neighborhood in the green and lovely pockets of East Texas.

I've been happily married to my best friend for almost 6 years now. Justin and I met while in school and moved to Texas when he was accepted into Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's Graduate program. He and I relocated from there to east Texas 3 years ago following an amazing job opportunity at Heartlight Ministries. We've been here for almsot 4 years now (which is insane!) He as a Licensed Counselor a work just across property as a Graphic Designer for the same ministry. Working with struggling teens is what we love, It's the reason we met, it's the reason he caught my eye, and it's what we love-bringing the good news of the gospel to teens who have found themselves in rough situations as each of us had during our own adolescent years. Justin and my marriage is the embodiment of God's power and are each proof that the Lord's mercies are never ending, and his grace is enough. I'm so thankful for this man, his love, support, and enthusiasm for everything that I do-I simply don't know what I would do without him.

This is my smorgasbord blog where you can expect to find a bit of everything. Thank you so much for taking the time to venture over to my little corner of cyberspace and spend a few moments with me!


  1. You are awesome! Can you please tell me where to find the bottles you put your cleaners in?

  2. Hi Sarah! I'm new, looking forward to reading your blog, found you by way of Pinterest. Thanks, Michelle

  3. I am from the Netherlands and saw your blog about homemade cleaniningproducts.I Always am looking fot DIY products so I`ll try to make those products.

  4. Love the designs on your site... Can you tell me the FONTs and where you found the design graphics (dots and butterflies) for all your headings (i.e My Website, STAY in TOUCH, etc.)

    Thanks! -Nichole

    1. I'm a graphic designer so I make all of my own little detail pieces - the cursive font is called 'cursive standard' enjoy!!

  5. Love you blog. It's beautiful.