Irish Heritage Collection

One of my readers recently emailed me mentioning that I don't have hardly any posts highlighting my artwork, so this year I'm going to try and make a point to post more of my pieces!

This is a recent collection I did for a friend who wanted to give her husband something meaningful for Christmas. His family is Irish and after acquiring their old Irish name, as well as their family crest, she brought them to me to create a few custom pieces for their home.

Just two weeks before Christmas these two were in Ireland, what a wonderful wife to have such an amazing gift ready for a man who's so recently met his home land! Love, love, love it :)

The family Crest
[14"x 14" Acrylic on Birch wood]

The year they were married
[14"x 14" Acrylic on Birch wood]

Their family's Old Irish name
[18"x 30" Acrylic on Birch wood]

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